Competency Assessment for Public Health Professionals and Organizations




Why Competency based Training ?

Competency is the overarching capacity/skills of a person to perform in a specific area. Competency-based training is gaining importance globally in the education sector. Learners work on one competency at a time, which is a small component of a larger learning goal. Users can currently assesses themselves in the following technical areas (more to be added soon!):

- Procurement and Supply Chain Management for Public Health Commodities

- Introduction of New Health Technologies in a Public Health Program



Rapidly determine Profile by answering a series of simple questions !




Sample Profile for Procurement and Supply Chain Management Capacity Needs 




Free Access !

- The assessment is completely free for public health professionals

- The assessment compares your score with thousands of public health professionals in the world

- Public Health Organizations can request for a customized assessment for their needs

- The assessment collects data from a participant across nearly 200 parameters, which are then analysed by the Empower team across all participants

- Data collected is confidential and is not shared with anyone



What Learners have to say about the Assessment 

"CAT gives great opportunity to know about individual’s competency level across all domains under PSM. It is designed to help identify strengths and areas for development in relation to the various competencies across all domains under PSM.  It also helped me provide the foundation for my own professional development, document my current competencies with grades in terms of % & establish the basis for planning for the future. Now, I have a clear picture of future, what is my strength across all PSM functions & what are areas of development."

-       Deepak Kumar, Pharmacist, India


"I am delighted to have been able to complete the evaluation, I really appreciate the skills assessment tool, because it allowed me to appreciate my level of mastery of different aspects of the global health procurement and supply chain also to determine my limitations and inadequacies to be corrected."

-     KALIVOGUI Tanou Joseph, Warehouse Coordinator, Guinea



Assessment Statistics



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